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Dalia’s passion for acting started back in elementary school. She signed up for theatre classes every year and took improvisation classes. She continued to take workshops thought-out high school and eventually got accepted into the Professional Theatre Program at Dawson College in 2018. Throughout her 3-year theatre program, she worked on plays such as: Living out, Tongues and Savage love, The Merchant of Venice, Boudica, and 365 days/365 plays. In 2021 she graduated from Dawson’s professional theatre program receiving a DEC in theatre and is now working professionally as an Actress.

Dalia Allocca


Vu dans...

School theatre

365 DaysKitty

, Réalisateur: Stefanie Buxton, Production: Dawson College

, Réalisateur: Michael E. Hughes, Production: Dawson College
The Merchant of VeniceNerissa

, Réalisateur: Matthew M. Enos, Production: Dawson College
Tongues and Savage LoveEnsemble

, Réalisateur: Stefanie Buxton, Production: Dawson College
Living OutZoila

, Réalisateur: Winston Sutton, Production: Dawson College


Audition workshop with Gilles Plouffe

Professional Theatre

Dawson College

Jean-Pierre Bergeron workshop

Ron Leach audition workshop

Design & développement par Drôles d'Oiseaux